MiJing Phone Heat Gun Nozzle Sleeve for QUICK 861DW Soldering Station

Size: For iPhone X


MiJing Special Design Hot Air Gun Nozzle Heat Gun Rework Nozzle for Quick 861DW 2008 Hot Air Soldering Station for Repair iPhone X Motherboard Mainboard (Mainboard not include)

Dedicated for iPhone X motherboard, special design, easy and quick disassembly of double-layer motherboard
Protect the NAND/PCIE, CPU, WIFI, baseband, does not cause imaginary welding
Compatible only for Quick 861DW or Quick2008.
Customized Microscope Heat Gun Nozzle Sleeve for iPhone X Series Folded-over Logic Board Desoldering Tool for QUICK 861DW / TR1300A Hot Air Soldering Station

iPhone X logic board was folded in half, two layers then were soldered together, the upper layer is the mainboard, and the lower layer is the signal board. Which made our repair much difficult to proceed, how to repair iPhone X logic board in fast and efficient method, need the professional iPhone X motherboard repair tools.

Package List:
  • 1pc x Motherboard Hot Air Gun Nozzle

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