Mild Rosin Soldering Paste Flux Welding Gel Tool for Metalworking

Size: 10g


PHONEFIX 10g / 50g Rosin Soldering Paste Mild Rosin Environmental Flux for Phone PCB BGA IC Chip Welding Repair Tool

10g/50g ZJ-18 Solder flux paste for Phone PCB BGA Repair, SMD and rework station to repair iPhone iPad motherboard. This solder paste belong to a high viscosity and high-quality alloyed powder and resinic pasty flux, which will pale yellow residue. The rosin solder flux paste is widely used in phone motherboard, PC BGA to weld, solder and unsolder. The rosin paste cleans and prevents metal oxidation which allows solder to create strong, long lasting mechanical and electrical bonds.

  1. Great soldering work tool for smart phone, PCB, BGA, electronic parts repairing.
  2. Mild pH, no corrosion to IC or PCB.
  3. Transparent residue, no need to wash
  4. Melting point is slightly higher than soldering tin.
  5. This flux have stable performance and low volatility, recycled for a long time, no toxic and irritant smell.
  6. Made of no acid soldering flux, semi solid which is not easy to dump.
  7. Have strong oxide removal effect to gold-copper alloy substrate and wire.
  8. High intensity joint, Good immersion, Non-toxic, no corrosion, Good insulation, Smooth welding surface, No deterioration, never dry
  9. Strong welding power, joint high intensity, low residual.

  • Material: Rosin
  • Neutral PH 7 ±0.3
  • Viscosity: 1 Pa S
  • Granularity: 1um
  • Type: Solder Paste Flux
  • Weight: 10 / 50g
  • 10g Size: approx. 50 X 50 X 12 mm/1.97 X 1.97 X 0.47 in
  • 50g Size: approx. 75 X 75 X 17 mm/2.95 X 2.95 X 0.67 in 

Method of use:
  1. Using the end of a match or toothpick, apply a little soldering paste to the leads which need to be soldered.
  2. Placing the soldering iron tip over the leads. Making the solder against these leads.
  3. Heat the solder till it flows freely, then move the soldering iron and solder away in a rapid speed.

Package includes:
  • 1pc x Solder Paste Flux

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