Mini PCB BGA IC Grinding Machine for Iphone Samsang motherboard

Optional: 3.0mm


Mini IC Grinding Machine for phone mainboard Grinding Machine, it is 220V-240V,

If need 110V, you can choose 110V t0 220V voltage transformer alone

[ Optional milling cutter ]

Optional 1: 3.0mm
Optional 2: 2.35mm

Why choose iphone mainboard Grinding Tool ?

As everyone knows, iPhone ID is writen in the IC ,so how to unlock ID is most difficult for repairing iPhone. But if we change the IC, then you can unlock ID. With this cheap Mini IC Grinding Tool, you can remove IC manually step by step.

Phone PCB board Grinding machine and repair tool, Computer motherboard HDD IC CHIP Baseband Grinding Tool

With almost 30pcs 3.0 milling cutter and 2.35mm milling cutter

Smart IC Grinding Machine for iPhone Main Board iCloud ID unlock

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