Mini Portable Soldering Iron USB Soldering Iron 5V 8W



Mini portable soldering iron USB 5V 8W Soldering Iron with LED Indicator

Features : 
  1. 25 second idle auto shut-off
  2. This compact, fully functioning USB powered soldering iron is perfect for hobbyists
  3. The small tip makes it perfect for SMD work and other small soldering jobs
  4. Heating up in less than 15 seconds
  5. Cooling down in less than 30 seconds
  6. Long life tip with a protective cap
  7. Momentary trigger powers unit on

Specification : 
  • Quick heating time: <15 seconds
  • Fast cooling time: <30 seconds
  • Highest Output Temperature: 480 Deg.C
  • Power: 5V DC / 8W
  • Material: Plastic, Metal
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: Handle 11.5 cm
  • Total length: 16 cm

Method : 
  1. Open the iron burger skull, not to the left twist, pull off can be used directly. If left to turn the screw wrench to Gary, iron head shaking does not connect, unable to work! Then cover the right screw directly pull under it.
  2. The product switch is the human body induction switch, the hand holds the handle 5 seconds to begin to heat up, after leaving the handle, the handle will slow down.
  3. The power supply is best to convert the USB power supply, computer power supply, or more than ten thousand Ma mobile power supply. Small capacitance of the mobile power will not move.

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