MJ A23 Positioning Fixture Soldering Platform for iPhone X Repair Tool

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PHONEFIX MJ A23 PCB Positioning Soldering Jig Fixture Holder iPhone X Desoldering Repair Platform

MJ A23 iPhone X PCB Positioning Test Fixture is New Style iPhone X logic board Soldering Desoldering Repair Platform, MJ A23 Test fixture holder is used for positioning iPhone X motherboard for more convenient and accurate repairing and soldering operation. MJ A23 iPhone X PCB holder will be the best assistant for professionals to repair iPhone X motherboard.

  1. Accurate corresponding position for the motherboard installation, screw bit or slot does not hurt the motherboard components, does not hinder the desoldering components.
  2. Knife slot design, easy access to the knife, whether iPhone CPU or NAND disassembly can be handy

Package List:
  • 1pc x MJ A23 PCB Positioning Fixture

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