MJ AMTC Phone Repair DC Power Cable for iPhone 5S 6 6P 6S 6SP



MJ AMTC Test Cable - iPhone Logic Board restore / reboot / repair / Test USB cable for 5 5S 6 6P 6S 6SP 

Reboot iPhone iOS system, also support iPhone battery testing and charging

Function : 

1. Support for the motherboard brush machine
The test line PCB board needed to install the brush on the motherboard, the battery, the switch on the board to brush ( switch to brush mode Type ), connect the test cable to the USB port of the computer, the hardware detected after the brush board carried out the transfer of the corresponding firmware.

2. Fast charging battery
The battery is mounted to the PCB board, the switch board and push down ( switch to charging mode, the power supply to the 4.2V output table ) Voltage, the power supply interface of the test cable is connect to the battery to charge the battery quickly.

3. Maintenance motherboard detection current
Maintenance to observe the motherboard current when the test cable PCB plate to the need to detect the motherboard, and the panel switch push down ( switch to charging mode ), power meter to 4.2V output voltage, can be observed for a long time does not appear to reflect the current motherboard, and restart Prompt temperature is too high.

Package List : 

  • 6pcs x USB Cables
  • 1pc x Power Connector (4 ports USB)

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