MJ Battery Tester Battery Activation Charge Board for iPhone Samsung

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Professional cell phone battery repair activation charge circuit board for iPhone Android phone

This Battery tester doesn’t contain battery, it is only used for testing, charging, and re-activate iPhone iPad Android batteries.

1. Battery Quick Charge
Buckle the battery with corresponding model into the activation board, adjust repair power at about 4V (charging current should be less than 1.8A), then connect the power line that matching with activation board

2. Activate the Battery
When the battery is without using for a long time or in a state of over charge or over discharge,adjust repair current at about 4V, then connect the power line that matching with activation board, just press button to activate the battery (this function can solve the fault of mobile phone cannot charging)

3. Automatic direction Identification
Many battery seat interface are corresponding which are universal for many cell phones. But the input and output polarity (positive negative power supply) is different. The products has automatic identification of positive and negative function,it can be used conveniently for any batteries as long as the the interface is same. Don't need make a distinction between different pole ( positive pole / negative pole ), don't need distinguish pole direction, as long as the phone battery can be connected, and that would do USB Charge.

Package List:
1 x Battery Activation Charge Board
1 x Power Current Cable

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