MJ BGA Reballing Stencils Steel Tin Net For iPhone iPad Wifi NAND

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MiJing BGA reballing stencils tin plant steel net for iPhone iPad series Wifi Nand A8 A9 A10 A11 CPU motherboard soldering repair, multi-purpose iPhone 6 7 8 X Wifi NAND CPU BGA reballing stencils template, MJ Japan 0.12mm tin plant steel net for iPhone / iPad repair, iPhone / iPad NAND Wifi CPU reballing stencil template, Make Phone repairs easier, make Reballing work easier

MJ 0.12mm BGA Reballing Stencils Template Square Hole Manual Planting Tin Steel Net CPU Motherboard Soldering Stencils For iPad NAND Wifi / iPhone 6 6S 7 8P XS MAX XR

Product Features :
Laser engraving, Grooves staircase, Ultra tin 0.12mm, German Craftsmanship, Quick hand, Pinpoint.

iPH-5: for iPhone A8 A9 A10 A11 CPU upper / lower
iPH-6: for iPhone 5-XR NAND and iPad NAND
iPH-11: for iPhone 5S 6 6P 7 7P 8 8P XR XS MAX iPad wifi

Ultra-thin Planting tin net use caution :
Please Planting tin net again the chip foot, the temperature of the hot air gun is controlled within 250 degrees too high temperature is easy to make the product deformed, secure with tweezers planting tin net, apply the solder paste evenly, make sure than each hole is covered with solder paste, clean the surface of the steel net with a clean cloth, then blow and weld the ball with a hot air gun, after cooling slightly the steel net tube is separated from the chip.

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