MJ C15 C16 iPhone Logic Board Soldering Fixture Layering Platform

Version: MJ C15


MiJing C15 C16 Separating Teardown Test Jig Fixture Dissembling / Assembling Layering Platform for iPhone 11 Pro Max Logic Board Soldering Tool

Option Type :
  • Option 1: MJ C15 Layered Test Rack for iPhone 11
  • Option 2: MJ C16 Layered Test Rack for iPhone 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max

Description :
The upper layer and lower layer of iPhone 11 Pro MAX logic board is weld together, before repairing, you need to disassemble the 2 layer board, then attach them together after repair is done. If the problem on the motherboard can not be solved, you need to repeat the disassembly and reassembly operation, which is easy to produce chip virtual welding, CPU tin damage and other problems! Therefore, the iPhone 11 Pro MAX motherboard test fixture perfectly solve the problems and offer professionals more efficient repair.

Function : MJ C15 / C16 separating test fixture test platform is used for iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max logic board dissembling / assembling / separating repair.

Specification :
  • Item name: MJ C15 C16 Separating Teardown Test Jig
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Black
  • Quantity: 1pc
  • Weight: 0.4kg

Package List :
  • 1pc x MJ C15 C16 Layering Platform

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