MJ IPhone X BGA Reballing Stencil Platform for iPhone Soldering Repair

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MJ iPhone X BGA Reballing Stencil Platform for iPhone Phones Soldering Positioning Repair Fixture Holder

MJ iPhone X motherboard repair Jig Fixture is professional BGA Reballing Stencil Fixture, iPhone X motherboard BGA reballing fixture tool, is used for positioning and reballing iPhone X PCB BGA parts, more convenient and faster for reballing BGA without any damage, the iPhone X reballing platform will offer you best solution for iPhone X BGA reballing and repairing.

Operation Steps:
  1. Install the iPhone X main board on the platform
  2. Cover the iPhone X BGA reballing stencil on mainboard
  3. Evenly spread tin on the cover of the reballing stencil
  4. Remove the reballing stencil cover
  5. Take out the motherboard and cooperate with the hot air gun to solidify the tin point.

Package List:
  • 1pc x MJ iPhone X BGA Reballing Fixture

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