Mechanic iShell Screwdriver Kit Hand Tool For Mobile Phone Repair Tool

Size: 0.6mm(Y)


Mechanic MORTAR precision screwdriver set for mobile phone repair disassemble tool, mechanic iShell small steel gun series mini screwdriver kit for iPhone opening repair tool, the most common size mixed precision screwdriver phone repair tool set

5 Kinds High Quality Mixed Screwdriver Hand Tool Set for Precision Mobile Phone Repairing Work

Please choose the optional style you need :
  • Option 1: 0.8mm P2 Pentalobe
  • Option 2: Phillips PH000 1.2mm
  • Option 3: Tri-Point Y0.6
  • Option 4: 2.5mm Convex Cross
  • Option 5: Torx T2

Product Features :
  1. Noise reduction bearings.
  2. Magnesium silicon alloy.
  3. Powerful magnetic attraction.
  4. Special screwdriver head.
  5. Anti-slip and labor-saving handle design, ergonomic, comfortable grip.
  6. Precision S2 screwdriver bit, strong magnetic adsorption, tight seam, efficient solution to the problem of sliding wire.

Specification :

  1. Steel Material: Aluminium Alloy Steel
  2. Screw Head Type: All-in-one most common size
  3. Handle: Yes
  4. Application: Mobile phone, iPad, Camera ,Watch Repair, Glasses Repair

Package List :

  • 1pcs x Precision Screwdriver

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