MT6320GA 6323GA 6322GA Baseband Power Supply Switch IC Chip For Xiaomi

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Option: MT6158V
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MT6323GA MT6320 MT6322GA MT6328V MT6325V MT6331P MT6332P MT6333P power supply IC for Xiaomi phones motherboard repair, power manage control IC for smart phone circuit board repair, power management IC chip to fix & solve power problem in Xiaomi Android smartphone, Replacement part for replacing damaged or unusable Power supply IC

Xiaomi MT6323GA MT6320 MT6322GA Power Supply IC Chip MT6328V MT6325V MT6331P MT6332P MT6333P Power Management IC

[ Optional Power IC ] :
  • Option 1: MT6158V
  • Option 2: MT6166V
  • Option 3: MT6176V
  • Option 4: MT6320GA
  • Option 5: MT6322GA
  • Option 6: MT6323GA
  • Option 7: MT6325V
  • Option 8: MT6328V
  • Option 9: MT6329A
  • Option 10: MT6329BA
  • Option 11: MT6331P
  • Option 12: MT6332P

Product Features :
  1. 100% brand new.
  2. It is tested before shipping.
  3. Compatible with: Special for Xiaomi Phones.
  4. Replacement chip part for replacing broken, damaged or unusable Power Supply IC.

Package includes :
  • 1pcs x Power Supply IC

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