Multi-function iPhone X Double Layers PCB Repair Jig Fixture



PHONEFIX Multi-function PCB Repair Platform Fixture for iPhone X Double Layers Logic Board PCB Diagnostic Repair Test Fixture

  • This Phone PCB Jig fixture is used for testing / repairing iPhone X PCB fault on boot, display, touch, camera, flash, photosensitive proximity sensor, receiver, speaker, online, wifi, face ID and etc.
  • Extend the signal points on the middle layer of iPhone x mainboard into the platform testing point, easy for your to measure the resistance. And in the middle of platform, there is the battery port. can be turn on after connect the cable for power supplier Advanced material needle plate, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance.
  • The circuit of the precision circuit board is the same as that of the pin of the pin of the iPhone X motherboard. No welding test is required. Relief damage caused by multiple welding.
  • The whole bottom of the board is designed to facilitate the measurement of the baseband and important voltages and signals. No unmatched advantage for maintenance without baseband, serial number, or signal failure, Super-thick double-sided PCB board, green oil through the hole cover, not easy to oxidation. Gold plated pad to ensure contact reliability.

  1. Measure voltage, wave of each TP during operating
  2. No any interfere, wholly open top structure
  3. All S pinout of middle layer board extension for much easier test
  4. Dual layer plum type pogo pin imported Janpan
  5. Twice number total pogo pin than normal X fixture
  6. Immersion gold high quality PCB board
  7. High-precision and strength aluminium alloy, no deformation

Package List:
  • 1pc x Double Layers PCB Fixture

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