NAND BGA Reballing Stencils Plate Tin Net For iPhone 6SP 7 PCIE Nand

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NAND BGA reballing stencils template for Apple iPhone 6S-7P motherboard soldering repair tools, universal PCIE NAND BGA reballing stencils steel net for iPhone 6S / 6S Plus / 7 / 7 Plus, the Sik tin steel mesh for iPhone 6S 6SP PCIE NAND Flash BGA reballing stencils template, iPhone nand flash repair BGA reballing stencils template for iPhone 5S 6 6SP 7 7P logic board repair

BGA Reballing Stencils Steel Net Plant Tin Plate For iPhone 6S 6SP 7 7P NAND PCIE Flash Flash Rework Repair Tools

Product Features :
  1. 100% new brand and high quality.
  2. Super thin thickness, easy to use.
  3. Special designed: Heat dissipating holes design.
  4. High quality steel material, can work great with any universal phone repair BGA rework station.
  5. Offer the best BGA Repair solution for phone heating repair.

Product Specifications :
  • Item name: BGA Reballing Stencils Template
  • 100%: High quality
  • Material: Steel sheet
  • Color: As pictures show
  • Type: WL BGA reballing template
  • Unit Type: Piece
  • Function: for phone BGA reballing

Package includes :
  • 1pcs x NAND Reballing Stencils Net

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