JC PCIE-XS NAND Flash Test Fixture Programmer for iPhone XS MAX XR

Package: 8 8P X


JC Module Nand Read/Write Programmer NAND Flash Test Fixture for iPhone XS MAX XR

JC PCIE-XS NAND Flash Test Fixture Programmer for iPhone Xs/XsMax/XR NAND Flash Fixture For Reading / Re-writing iPhone NAND underlying data, Serial Number SN / Model / Country / Color modification, upgrade the Memory Storage, and repair & fix Error NAND

Optional Type:

  • Option 1: 8 8P X
  • Option 2: XS MAX XR
  • Option 3: 11 pro max


  1. Efficient: Mass Programming by consistent operating of reading/writing,
  2. Easy: Operation not needing any loading or mother chip
  3. Safe: Protecting Function/Lower Operating Voltage 4.2V
  4. Durable: Long Time Running and Usage Lifetime


  1. JC JC PCIE-XS/XR NAND module support depth level repairing of underlying data and Kernel data
  2. JC JC PCIE-XS/XR NAND module support almost PCIE NAND (Xs/XsMax/XR), and fast underlying data reading / writing speed (1-2 seconds), JC PCIE about need 6-8 seconds
  3. Brand new NAND Flash, need re-flash the nand, or JC-XR can't read / write,
  4. Not only can working on JC online software platform, and but also can work on JC PRO1000S offline machine.
  5. Cos new JC-XR PCIE Test fixture not including the Engineering motherboard, Unable to get the ECID, please reboot with boot nand, perhaps, will error: Entering iboot mode, please replace nand ic and then click [load boot file.
  6. You need re-store the nand by JC PCIE or the iphone motherboard Test fixture.

Package includes: 

  • 1pc x JC NAND Flash Test Fixture

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