Non-Heating Screen Separator for iPhone iPad LCD Screen Opening Repair

Size: For iPad


Universal Non-Heating LCD Screen Fast Disassembly Tool for iPhone iPad Tablet Screen Separating From Body

Universal LCD Screen Separator Mobile Phone LCD Screen Repair Tool, Heating Free LCD Screen Opening Repair Tool with Super Strength Sucker, ensures long life, suitable for all cell phone screens.

Function : 

  1. Easy operation even for new operator, which avoid scrap consumption, also saves space.
  2. Heating free, can be directly used for screen separation, safe and fast, even broken screen with the protective film can also be easily replaced.
  3. Suction cup are imported from America that offers perfect performance with long-lasting service.
  4. Suitable for all mobile phones on the market including iPad. Screw design, to prevent the screen damage

Main features : 

  1. Screw design, to prevent the screen damage
  2. Screw fixed Button, positioning more precision
  3. Flexible button, available to move up and down
  4. US imported suction cup material, long-lasting and perfect performance

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