NT50358A LCD Display IC 8348BOC Light Control Chip For Letv Le 2

Option: 50568 9pin


8348BOC 50568 light control IC NT50358A display IC chip for Letv Le 2 X620 X600 X608, mobile phone motherboard chip repair tool, 8348BOC 50568 NT50358A charging IC is a small IC replacement as soldered on motherboard, replacement part for replacing damaged or unusable 8348BOC battery charger cell phone chip on Letv Le 2 X620 X600 X608 phones

Light Control IC 9pin 50568 8348BOC Charger Charging IC Display IC For Letv Le 2 X500 X600 X620 X608

[ Option Charger IC ]:
  • Option 1: 50568 9pin Light Control
  • Option 2: X620 Light Control 9pin
  • Option 3: 8348BOC
  • Option 4: NT50358A 15pin Display
  • Option 5: Boost Diode
  • Option 6: Boost Small Coil
  • Option 7: Boost Small Capacitance

Product Features :
  1. 100% brand new.
  2. It is tested before shipping.
  3. Compatible with: Special use for Letv Le 2 X500 X600 X620 X608.
  4. Replace your broken, damaged or unusable 8348BOC Charger IC.
  5. You need technical phone repair skills in replacing small BGA to install this part.

Package includes :
  • 1pcs x Charger IC

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