Oil-Proof Dust-Proof Protective Lens Mirror Accessories for Microscope



1.0X Prevention Smoke Oil Proof Lens Objective Protective Glass for Trinocular Stereo Microscope

Specification : 
  • Product name: Microscope objective Protective Glass
  • Material: Metal + Glass
  • Product Size: M48X0.75mm; M44X0.75mm
  • Product Function: Dust-proof, Greasy dirt proof
  • Operation Method: Directly screwed on the object lens

UV Oil Smoke Control Dust-proof Oil Proof Protective Cover Glass Lens for Microscope
Features : 
  1. High Quality: High quality material can make sure the long durability and strong stability of the product.
  2. Effective Protection: Can protect the objective lens and effectively prevent the smoke generated during welding from entering the objective lens.
  3. High Transparency: he ultra thin design and high transparency of the mirror will not affect the observation.
  4. Strong Applicability: Fine workmanship, professional manufacturing, and the lens has strong applicability.
  5. Easy to Replace: Directly screwed on the object lens, easy and convenient to replace.

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