Original QUICK 861DW Hot Air BGA Rework Station 1000W Lead Free

Voltage: 220V
Added function: No Nozzle


Original QUICK 861DW Hot Air Rework Station 1000W / 500 °C Lead Free Rework Station for Mobile Phone BGA Desoldering Soldering of BGA IC Components

220V or 110V option voltage, Note: 110V, need Customized, time: about 1-2 days.

With 3pcs: Heat Gun Nozzles 5mm + 6mm + 8mm, if need 3mm / 12mm Nozzle, need bought it alone.

  1. With CH1, CH2, CH3 three working channels, and each channel can be set to the amount of wind, and temperature.
  2. Password protection and key lock function.
  3. Facilitate real-time operation, with magnetic switch control lever is placed in the handle holder immediately into hibernation.
  4. With automatic sleep function, in a dormant state parameters can be set.
  5. Sensor closed loop, microcomputer zero trigger temperature control, power, heating quickly, easily and precisely adjust the temperature stable, free from the influence of wind.
  6. The use of brushless vortex blower, air flow adjustable, wide range, can be adapted to a variety of uses.
  7. The system has an automatic cooling function of wind capacity, extend the life of the heating element and protect the hot air handle.

  • Power: 1000W
  • Voltage: AC 220V / 110V
  • Temperature range: 100 °C ~ 500 °C
  • Air volume ratio range: 1 to 120
  • Maximum air flow: 120L / min
  • Dimensions: 188 (L) × 245 (D) × 135 (H) mm

Package List:
  • 1pc x Original QUICK 861DW

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