Mobile Phone Battery Activation Board and Fast Charging Tools

Package: W223 pro


Cell phone battery activation charging board for Samsung Huawei XiaoMi, battery activation charge board with Micro USB cable, W223 Pro battery activation charge board for 4-7 Plus 8-X XS MAX 11 Pro Max, New W223 / W223+ cell phone battery activation charging board is the best repair tools for your broken, damaged or unusable phone battery speed charge activation circuit board.

Upgrade W223 pro Android phone + iphone Battery Activation Charge Board with Micro USB Cable

Huawei + Meizu + Samsung + Xiaomi + Vivo + OPPP + iPhone 4-7 Plus 8-X XS MAX 11 Pro Max Battery Activation Charge Board

iPhone 4-7plus + 8 8P X Battery Speed charge activation circuit board, it is also Professional Battery Activation Charge Board for Android smartphone battery (Huawei + Meizu + Samsung + Xiaomi + Vivo + OPPP) 

Compatible Phone Models: 4G / 4S / 5G / 5S / 5SE / 6G / 6Plus / 7G / 7Plus / 8G / 8P / X / XS MAX HUAWEI / MEIZU / MI / OPPO / VIVO / Samsung...

1. Automatic power off when battery is fully charged
2. Automatic light identification when battery is fully charged

Battery Charging: charging and activating the built-in battery. First connect the small board to the power supply, then the battery can be buckled on the board to charge.

Battery Activation: activate the built-in battery - the cell phone has a long time to revolve so that it can't be recharged. At this time, it is necessary to use this board to activate it then the battery can be used normally. Connected the board to the power supply, the battery is directly buckled to the corresponding place, then press the activation button.

When the battery is full of power, the circuit will judge whether the battery is full, so as to cut off the power and prevent the battery from overcharging

Intelligent automatic identification of battery positive and negative pole, because of the different manufacturers of smart phone, resulting in the cell phone battery interface general, and the output positive and negative poles are different - the power supply is opposite, the battery positive and negative recognition function solved this problem, the battery interface is the same, so there is no need to distinguish between positive and negative poles.

Material: PCB
Color: Black
Size: Approx. 9.5 * 2.5 cm / 3.7 * 1 in

Package List:
1 x DC Power Cord
1 x Activation Board

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