12V DV Adjustable Smoke Exhaust Fan Fume Extractor with Clip

size: Big fan + LED


12V adjustable solder smoke absorber fan fume extractor portable with clamp, smart M1/M2/M3 LED light smoke exhauster machine, 12V DV electric smoke absorber exhaust fan kit for soldering iron welding repair work, soldering iron welding exhauster fume extractor, DV 12V soldering iron smoke absorber for mobile phone repair, DV power soldering smoke absorber fume extractor cooling case ESD fan, it will removes soldering smoke and fumes quickly, safely and efficiently.

12V DV Electric Soldering Iron Smoke Exhauster Smoke Absorber Fan Fume Extractor with Clamp For Mobile Phone Welding Repair Tool

[ Optional Type ] :
  • Option 1: L:50mm, Big fan with LED
  • Option 2: L:50mm, Medium fan with LED
  • Option 3: L:40mm, Small fan without LED

Product Features:

  1. Mini smoke absorber with adjustable clamp
  2. Flexible table clamp clip
  3. Absorbing angle, great for soldering station.
  4. Removes noxious fumes not absorber just a smoke blower.
  5. Easy to replace filter.
  6. Low noise and high- efficient fan.

Mobile phone repair dedicated smoke machine. Smoke, lighting dual purpose, to the motherboard cooling. Simple and practical, each master can be used. Reduce direct inhalation of harmful gases, protect the respiratory tract, eyes.

Product Specification :

  • Model: M1, M2, M3
  • P/N: Lighting smoke device
  • Power Voltage: DC 12V
  • Outer packing size: 34cm*14cm*8cm
  • Product size: M1: 50cm, M2: 50cm, M3: 40cm

Application: Soldering smoke absorption fan, mobile phone repair soldering iron smoke exhaust fan

Package included :

  • 1pcs x Adapter
  • 1pcs x Exhaust Fan

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