PM660 Power IC SDR660 WCN3990 Wifi IC Chip For Oppo R11 Xiaomi Note 3

Option: PM660


Huawei mobile phone power IC PM660 PM660L SDR660 PM660A and WCN3990 wifi module IC chip, Xiaomi cell phone electronics repair accessories, Oppo R11 Plus smart phone motherboard circuit board replacing tool, phone power IC replacement parts for Oppo Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 repair tool

Phone Power IC PM660 SDR660 WCN3990 Wifi Module IC Chip Replacement Part For Oppo R11 Xiaomi Note 3

[ Optional Power IC ] :
  • Option 1: PM660
  • Option 2: PM660L
  • Option 3: PM660A
  • Option 4: SDR660
  • Option 5: WCN3990 wifi module IC


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