Power Supply IC A1893 Power IC 343S00203 A1822 PMIC For iPad 2018

Option: 343S00203


Power control IC 343S00203 343S00206 for 2018 iPad A1893 A1822, power supply IC 343S00144 for iPad 5 repair, iPad 2018 power managemnet IC 343S00203 power IC fro iPad A1893, Replacement parts for damaged power control IC of 2018 iPad A1822 A1893.

Power Control IC 343S00203 343S00206 Power Supply IC For 2018 iPad A1893 A1822 Repair

Optional Models:
  • Option 1: 343S00203 Power IC
  • Option 2: 343S00206 Power IC
  • Option 3: 343S00144 Power IC for new iPad 5
  • Option 4: 2018 iPad A1893 7CQ Glass Booster Tube

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