KM001 POWER-Z USB PD Tester Voltage Current Type-C Meter

Model: USB Input
Option: Resistance 5V-1A 2A 3A


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  • POWER-Z KM001 Update Log: User's Guide, Firmware Client Download and FAQ
  • ChargerLAB is a focus on the field of charging the English site, its brand "POWER-Z" is currently a measure of USB PD instrument can be measured KM001, powerful to make people surging. With the previous market can only be used to test the PD instrument is different from the table fully taking into account the complexity of the charging physical interface replacement, as well as the diversity of charging protocols, the most common USB-A interface, MicroUSB port, Type-C interface integrated together, in addition to professional USB PD measurement, but also can be used to measure QC3.0/2.0 and other fast charge
  • POWER-Z KM001 comes with an OLED screen resolution of 128 × 64. The front panel with black glass fiber gold-plated, four corners of the use of immersion gold hole fixed, the appearance and size of the USB table is no different from ordinary, ordinary users will soon be able to get started. USB table built-in a measurement accuracy of 0.02%, temperature drift for the 10ppm voltage and current ADC dedicated chip. At the same time in order to ensure the accuracy of the current, but also integrates a typical temperature drift of 20ppm, power of 3W high-quality sampling resistor. Up to 0.01% error.
  • POWER-Z KM001 This test table integrates a total of six USB ports, to meet the needs of most of the players test. Another feature of it is to support ripple testing. Its function is similar to a micro-oscilloscope, you can test less than 50Hz ripple, the daily use of enough.

Specification : 

  • Main control IC: Cortex tm-M3 72MHz
  • Display screen: OLED 128x64 50MHz(Refresh rate 50/s)
  • Internal storage memory life: About 30 years random storage algorithm
  • Interface: USBA,Micro USB,TYPE-C.
  • Power supply type: HID port 5V,other port self pickup electricity 3.7-24V.
  • Maximum input voltage: 24V
  • Working current: 4-15mA (Standby 3mA@5V)
  • QC2.0 QC3.0 Test Sniffing: Support
  • Power Delivery Test Sniffing: Support; Pro version support PD2.0 protocol packet capture
  • Typical interface contact resistance: Type-C to Type-C 28m ohm / Type-A to TYPE-a 30m ohm.
  • Line resistance evaluate: Support
  • Offline data: 2560x5 group 512KBIT memory
  • Dimension: 62x24x12mm
  • Weight: 20g

Package List : 

  • 1pcs x POWER-Z USB PD QC3.0 QC2.0 Tester

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