W3120 Iphone A8 A9 A10 BGA Reballing Intelligent Cooling Platform

Voltage: 110V
Package: Option 1


PPD W3120 A8 A9 A10 BGA Reballing Intelligent Cooling platform

Optional Voltage: 110V / 220V
Optional Positioning Mold (Black) + BGA Reballing Stencil Template:

Option 1: A8 + A9, 4pcs Positioning Mold + 4pcs BGA Reballing Stencil Template

Option 2: A8 + A9 +10, 6pcs Positioning Mold + 6pcs BGA Reballing Stencil Template

Suitable for all the iphone series motherboard repair clamp
With cooling fan, CPU cooling
Configuration materials imported from Japan A8 / A9 A10 / lower steel mesh
With shovel groove special die
Configuration of the LED light amplification

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