PPD120XL Iphone Double Layers Board Heating Desoldering Station

Voltage: 110V


PPD120XL Iphone X Double Layers Board Pre-Heating Disassembly Desoldering Rework Station

Optional Voltage: 110V / 220V

iPhone X logic board was folded in half, two layers then were soldered together, the upper layer is the mainboard, and the lower layer is the signal board. Which made our repair much difficult to proceed, how to repair iPhone X logic board in fast and efficient method, need the professional iPhone X motherboard repair tools,

PPD120XL iPhone X Motherboard Desoldering Rework Station, Pre-Heating Disassembly Desoldering Rework Station for Double layers iphone X Motheboard (folded-over logic board)

Easy to use, do separating working on the upper and lower motherboards of iphone X, avoid motherboard damaged, increase maintenance speed. Don't need the hot air rework station, working on 230℃, iPhone X logic board desoldering rework station tool.

Setting parameters (Temperature):

1: Take apart screen cover 180℃-220℃
2: CPU edge glue 180℃-220℃
3: Take off A11 CPU 230℃-240℃
4: Desmearing 180℃-200℃
5: Reball BGA chip 180℃-200℃
6: Soldering A11 CPU 190℃-210℃

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