Pure Copper Handle Screwdriver for iPhone Opening Repair Tool

Size: 0.6mm(Y)


PHONEFIX Pure Copper Handle Screwdrivers Durable Opening Repair Tool for iPhone Samsung Mobile Phone Disassembly Repair Tool

  • With magnetic steel bit.
  • Non-slip handles, easier to grasp than ordinary screwdriver
  • Whether tightening or unscrewing, it's handy.
  • Advanced acrylic plastic crystal box / Gift transparent box
  • Designed to open the screws securing the display cable bracket and battery connector bracket
  • The durable screwdriver tip and pure copper handle design will offer you the best experience for repairing cell phones.
  • It can also be the best solution for DIY cell phone fix.

Option Type
  • Option 1: 0.8mm (★)
  • Option 2: 1.5mm (+)
  • Option 3: 0.6mm (Y)
  • Option 4: 2.5 (Specific +) Pinhead Phillips
  • Option 5: T2

  • Material: Copper Handle, Steel Tip
  • Total length: Approx. 120mm / 4.7''
  • Designed: For iPhone 7,7 PLUS & Apple Watch
  • Compatible : fit with the new tri size screw driver for iPhone / iPhone 7 Plus

Packag List:
1 x Copper Handle Screwdriver

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