QIANLI 3D Ultrathin Steel Sheet Screen Disassembler for iPhone Repair

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Qianli 0.12mm 3D Ultrathin LCD Screen Disassembler Stainless Steel Pry Opening Blade Metal Opener Card for iPhone Opening Repair

  1. Stainless steel Opening Tool is designed to repair a broken phone screen without causing damage to important cables, 3D ultra thin stainless steel sheet nimbly slides between the very tightest gaps in phone screen frame, don't damage any important cables of your phone.
  2. This tool was specially designed to give maximum leverage to prize apart most devices including mobile phones.
  3. It also can be used to play guitar.
  4. The screen opener pry tool can open most mobile phone screens without damage to your phones.
  5. Can be used for prying, sliding and separating.

  1. Very thin opening picks, Quick and convenient opens the phone.
  2. Thin prying tool for opening electronic devices.
  3. 3D pry blades are essential to open any parts for iPad, tablet, or smartphone sealed with adhesive.
  4. Replace damaged worn parts/fascias/housings/LCD screens on your phone. 

Package List:
  • 1pc x Stainless Steel Disassembler 

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