QianLi iBrush DS1102 Multifunctional Steel Brush CPU Soldering Repair



QianLi iBrush DS1102 multifunctional steel brush for iPhone CPU soldering repair, the wire of the brush is made of imported superfine steel wire, brush handle tail has magnetization function, QianLi steel brush is for removing old glue or others from phone motherboard repair tool.

ToolPlus QianLi iBrush DS1102 Steel Brush Superfine Steel Wire Phone Soldering Repair Tool

100% brand new
Product Name: Multi-function steel brush
Brand Name: Qianli
Model: iBrush-DS1102
Type: Brush
Handle material: Aluminium alloy
Brush head material: High Quality Fine Steel Wire
Color: Black
Length: 16.5cm
Package: Case
Handle tail: Magnetizing function
Application: Phone Soldering Tool Kit

Package includes:
1pcs x Qianli Steel Brush

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