Qianli iSocket Testing Fixture For iPhone 11 Pro Max Separating Jig

Option: iPhone 11


Qianli iSocket Jig PCB separation test jig for iPhone 11 Pro Max main board repair fixture, Qianli iSocket Jig for iPhone motherboard test fixture, New idea PCB separating test fixture for iPhone 11/11 Pro/Pro Max

Qianli iSocket Jig Testing Fixture For iPhone 11 / 11 Pro Max Motherboard Separating Holder Fixture

Features :
  1. Porsche style design
  2. Gold-plating probe
  3. CNC high-precision
  4. Small size, easy to carry
  5. Check in advance to avoid duplicate disassembling and breaking the motherboard
  6. Easy to use, connect the upper and lower layer of iPhone 11 motherboard for fast testing
  7. Advanced inspection to avoid any damage because of repeated disassembly and installation
  8. Function: For holding iPhone 11/ 11 Pro Max motherboard

[ Optional Types ] :
  • Option 1: Qianli iSocket Jig for iPhone 11
  • Option 2: Qianli iSocket Jig for iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max

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