Qianli iUV Intelligent UV Curing Lamp Green Oil LED Purple Light



QIANLI Intelligent UV Curing Lamp UV Adhesive Optical Adhesive Curing Lamp Green Oil Purple LED Light for Phone Motherboard Repair

Function :

  1. Intelligent UV curing lamp, aluminum alloy material, multiple cooling holes, 4W intelligent operation
  2. There are built-in battery style and no battery style, please see the selection clearly
  3. Product Size: approx. 50*50*57mm
  4. Power: 4W enough for daily solder oil, green oil, tin planting oil, 

Features :

  1. Using with Type-C cable, fast charging
  2. LED UV Lamp - Triple lighting cores design ensure energy saving, stabilization, long service life
  3. Easy to use - Able to connect with power bank to charging

Custom timing : Set the timing based on personal need, using with Type- C cable

  • Step 1. Press "A long light switch", Time display, Waiting for estimated time
  • Step 2. Wait for the timer to reach the preset time, press the "B timer switch" to to start countdown.

How to use :

  1. Point iUV at the glued area for 3-5 seconds to cure.
  2. After turning on iUV for 30 seconds, timing will automatically turn off.

USAGE : For UV adhesive, optical adhesive, solder mask, resin adhesive, ink and etc.

Optical Adhesive :

  1. A special adhesive for agglutinating, transparent optical components such as lenses, which are not easy to be cured.
  2. UV Adhesive:
  3. A kind of adhesive that can only be cured with UV light.
  4. Resin Adhesive:
  5. A type of adhesive used in the construction industry that provides superior bonding capabilities.Its curing time could be shorten by UV light.

Solder Mask : A thin lacquer-like layer of polymer that is usually applied to PCB that needed to be cured by UV light.

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