QianLi iBlack 3D NAND BGA Reballing Stencil Net For iPhone 6 6S 7 8

Option: 3D iBlack


Qianli ToolPlus 3 in 1 square hole black BGA reballing stencil template for iPhone 6 7 8 X NAND CPU soldering repair, QianLi black BGA stencil template steel net for iPhone X 8 7 6 logic board welding repair mesh, universal black bga cpu soldering repair IC chip, Qianli improved black steel mesh with square ventilation hole, prevent bulges and avoid hump on the Nand BGA reballing stencil template

QianLi ToolPlus 3 IN 1 Universal BGA Reballing Stencil Template Net For iPhone 6 7 8 X NAND CPU BGA Motherboard Soldering Repair

Black Stencil
Black is not a variant of color, which is Qianli ( ToolPlus ) depth understanding of customer's experience. Clear color difference between black and white show you every a stencil ball, and everything is visible to you. From then on, stay away from badness and misjudge.

Epoch Making
Qianli is innovating for era constantly, and the " black stencil " come into being with hundreds of experiments of stencil.

Product Features :

  1. 100% new brand and high quality
  2. High quality tin reballing steel mesh
  3. Special design: Ultra-thin steel net, just 0.12mm thickness, easy to use
  4. Qianli 0.12mm BGA reballing stencil for iPhone CPU motherboard soldering repair
  5. Inspiration comes from the actual experience of phone repair engineer, make a good repair tool belonging to Mobile phone repair master

Product Specification :

  • Material: Steel Sheet
  • Color: Black
  • Type: BGA reballing stencil
  • Model : GTR100
  • Thickness: 0.12mm
  • Design: 3 in 1 Black steel net
  • 100%: High-Quality

Package included :

  • 1pcs x BGA Rebaling Stencil Template

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