Qualcomm BGA Stencils Template MSM8994 CPU Soldering Repair

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Qualcomm BGA reballing stencils template MSM8994 MSM8974 for phone CPU motherboard soldering repair, 0.12mm thickness multi-purpose direct heating template, high quality 0.12mm BGA reballing stencils kit steel mesh for universal solder rework station, MSM8994 A (B) / MSM8974 A(B) / MSM8960 A(B) BGA reballing stencil template, it will give you best repair experience for Mobile phone soldering and BGA reballing works.

Qualcomm Multi-purpose 0.12mm Qu1/2/3/4 CPU MSM Series Universal BGA Reballing Stencil Template For Cell Phone Soldering Repair Tool

MSM8974 is universal for 8274 / 8674

QU: 4 : QU4 MSM8994 A/B  MSM8974 A/B  MSM8960 A/B

                MSM8974 = 8274/8674

Product Features :
1. 100% Brand New.
2. BGA stencil for reballing pins for MSM8994 MSM8974 MSM8960 (0.12mm thickness)

Please make sure you know how to install and replace this item, it is not a easy work for someone who has no technical skills with disassembling or assembling cellphones / mobile phones.
Highly recommend professional installation, use professional tools for replacement.

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