Quick 203 Lead Free digital Soldering Station Temperature adjustment



QUICK 203 soldering station is especially suitable for manual placement of SMD components, repair and welding of the ordinary in-line components, especially higher level of lead-free products, higher quality welding work.

Quick 203 digital temperature soldering station Lead

Product Features : 

  1. Designed for lead-free soldering design
  2. Astonishing rate of temperature increase, the mixture was increased from room temperature to 300 ° C never exceeds 20 seconds.
  3. Intelligent perfect welding, plenty of power and change, depending on the size of solder joints, then solder joints be able to complete a perfect welding, can effectively prevent cold welding caused not firmly connected.
  4. Extraordinary heat recovery skills, the magic temperature compensation speed can solve the contradictions of temperature lead-free soldering process, lead-free soldering tool, an indispensable tool for certain low temperature conditions welding.
  5. Extend tip life, welding relatively lower temperature greatly extend the life of the tip.

Performance Parameters : 
  • Temperature adjustment range: 50°C -600°C
  • Temperature stability (no load): ± 2°C
  • Input voltage, frequency: 220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz
  • Output voltage, frequency: 36VAC 400KHz
  • Maximum power: 60W
  • Heating time: (20°C -350°C)
  • The temperature dropped from: 30°C
  • Tip-to-ground resistance: <2Ω
  • Tip-to-ground potential: <2mv
  • Anti-static shell aluminum housing

Features :

  1. Automatic sleep function
  2. Temperature lock password
  3. Anti-static shell aluminum housing
  4. Temperature compensation fast
  5. Heating mode smart intelligent
  6. High frequency eddy current heating principle

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