Quick 205 Soldering Station Lead-Free High Power 150W Repair Tools

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150W QUICK 205 digital high frequency / lead-free soldering station temperature soldering iron

1. High frequency current heating
2. Fast Heating and rapid thermal recovery
3. Easy to calibration temperature by digitally
4. Auto Sleeping mode and Automatic shut off when not use in 1 hour
5. ESD safe by design.

* High frequency current heating, fast heating and rapid temperature recovery, lead-free soldering.
* Microcomputer control, push-button thermostat, temperature calibration, and with auto sleep and automatic shutdown function.
* 150W high power design, can use conventional maximum tip 8mm.
* Password type temperature lock function, the effective protection of the production process.
* Anti-static design, a variety of available iron head.

Power waste:150W
Output voltage:Alternating current 220V
Temperature stability:+ 1 C (no load)
Temperature range:50 degrees C -600 C
Tip to ground impedance:<2.
Tip to ground potential:<2mv
Size:200 (L) * 130 (W) * 100 (H) mm

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