QUICK 715 Heat Air Soldering Station Digital 2 in 1 SMD BGA Rework

Voltage: 220V


QUICK 715 2 in 1 hot air gun SMD BGA rework & soldering station for mobile phone repair, Quick BGA soldering rework station for cell phone welding tool, Quick 936A intelligent LCD digital hot air gun BGA rework soldering station 

QUICK 715 2 IN 1 Hot Air Gun BGA Rework & Soldering Station For Mobile Phone Repair

Description :
  • Adopt the latest design concept of QUICK
  • Large screen LCD display, thin and light, low power consumption, adjustable brightness
  • Independent control of temperature and air volume
  • Encoder adjustment, more intelligent
  • Digital temperature / air volume calibration, more intuitive and convenient

Product Features :
  1. Quick 2008 air gun and 936A soldering iron combined
  2. The air gun can automatically sleep on the shelf
  3. Calibration temperature
  4. Encoder adjustment
  5. Cool appearance of High technology
  6. COG large screen, thin and light, low energy consumption
  7. Small temperature difference (plus or minus 5 degrees)

Menu :
  1. Backlight on / off
  2. Temperature calibration of air gun / soldering iron
  3. Encoder on / off

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