QUICK 967 Soldering Station Anti-Static ESD Soldering Iron Tool

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QUICK 967 digital temperature soldering station anti-static


* Imported from Japan, ceramic heater, tip and heating element with international brands together
* Handle special lightweight, suitable for prolonged use.
* Anti-static design, prevent static leakage and damage delicate SMD components.
* Fast heat up, the instantaneous temperature compensation, temperature control accurate, stable.
* Special temperature locking device, prevent staff hackneyed temperature.
* QUICK 967 ESD built-in advanced micro-computer, digital adjustment and temperature display.
* Especially suitable for manual placement of SMD components, the rework and ordinary line components, welding, and other welding work for different process requirements.

  • model:Quick 967ESD
  • power:60W
  • input voltage:AC 220V
  • Temperature control range:200°C-480°C
  • Temperature stability:±1°C
  • Tip-to-ground impedance:<2Ω
  • Tip-to-ground voltage:<2mv
  • Shell surface impedance:106-109Ω
  • Size:170(L(×120(W)×93(H)mm
  • Weight:about 2.5kg

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