QUICK TS1200A Precision Soldering Station LCD Touch 110V / 220V

Voltage: 110V
Package: TS1100 (90W)


Original QUICK TS1200A LCD Touch Soldering Station for Phone Repairing

TS1200A (120W) or TS1100 (90W), 220V or 110V option voltage. Note: 110V, need to be customized, time: about 1-2 days.

120W high-power lead-free soldering station 8 seconds speed up, pick up the handle can be welded, put down the handle, automatically sleep

Touch operation, intelligent, lead free, digital led display
Temperature Stability: Adjustable ±2℃
Tip to Ground Potential: <2Ω
Tip to Ground Resistance: <2mV
Input Voltage: 110V / 220V
Output Power: 120W
Temperature Displaying Type: TFT
Output Temperature: 200℃ - 420℃
Temperature Range: 200℃ - 420℃ / 392F - 780F
Ambient Temperature: 40℃
Product Dimensions: 137*168*114mm

Package list:
1pcs welding head (Straight headed) and Set package: QUICK TS1200A

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