Red Easy JTAG Plus Box with E-Mate X 13 in 1 BGA eMMC Adapter



Easy JTAG Plus Box E-mate X 13 in 1 eMMC adapter supports reading and writing of eMMC chips, including BGA100, BGA136, BGA168, BGA153, BGA169, BGA162, BGA186, BGA221, BGA529, BGA254.

Z3x Easy Jtag Box which boasts some MAJOR hardware improvements and Features including One click device repair, Boot repair, Data recovery, eMMC firmware repair, Partition management, eMMC service operations, SPI memory programming.

Reading eMMC Physical memory (forensic analysis and data recovery)

To dump the physical memory of an eMMC chip, simply perform chip-off on the phone and remove the eMMC chip. Then place the eMMC chip inside the correct size and type e-mate adapter and use your eMMC box (z3x / riff/ emmc-pro / medusa pro etc.) to read eMMC chip memory. then feed the dumped .bin file into your decipher software (UFED etc.)

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