Refresher Solder Cream Tip Clean for Oxide Iron Head Cleaning Tool



Electrical Soldering Iron Tip Refresher Solder Cream Clean Paste Solder Iron Tip Head Resurrection for Oxide Iron Head Cleaning Tool

The refresher solder paste can be used recycled for a long time to wipe off the black oxide on the surface of soldering iron tips. Soldering tip refresher can easily wipe off the oxide and also get the tin on the surface, don't contain hazardous material. This tip refresher can make your tip looks like a new one.

  1. High quality and Brand new
  2. Tip refresher cleaning cream for solder iron tip head resurrection
  3. You need to buy this refresher paste when the tip surface starts to oxidize during operation
  4. This tip refresher can improve work efficiency, make everything easy
  5. Wipe off the black oxide on the surface of soldering iron tips
  6. Make the soldering tip looks like new one again
  7. No-clean, High performance, Easy to use 

  • Model: H-1615
  • Material: Imported tip clean material
  • Alloy: Sn63 / Pb37
  • Microns: 25-45um
  • Weight: 15g (Total include the bottle)
  • Refrigerator 0-10℃

Package List:

  • 1PC x Tip Refresher Cleaning Cream

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