Relife 10CC 183℃ No-Clean Syringe Solder Paste Flux for BGA Repair



Relife RL-403 High Quality 10CC Syringe Solder Paste Flux Soldering Paste Tin Sn63 / Pb67 20-38um for Phone Motherboard BGA Soldering Repair

  • Name: Relife RL-403 183℃ solder paste (syringe)
  • Specifications: 10cc
  • Alloy: Sn63/Pb37
  • Microns: 20-38um

  1. Good adhesion. Paste delicate, particles small, only 20~38 microns.
  2. Excellent wettability. After opening, the surface remains moist for 36 hours. Does not affect the welding.
  3. Lead solder paste, 183 ℃, the degree of melting point, easy welding, easy molding

Application: Mobile phone chips repair, computer and digital service industries, high-precision circuit board SMT soldering, BGA welding process, etc Solder paste lead solder at room temperature melting point 183 ℃ / forming fast and easy to weld conductive

Package includes:
  • 1pc x Relife RL-403 Solder Paste

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