Relife 10CC Strong Activity Soldering Flux Paste for SMD Repair Tool



Relife RL-421-OR 10CC Strong Activity BGA Soldering Paste Flux BGA Reballing Soldering Tin Paste for Phone PCB SMD Welding Repair Tool

  • Brand: Relife
  • Model: RL-421-OR
  • Capacity: 10CC
  • Material: Imported Rosin
  • Color: Yellow

  1. Imported rosin, no virtual welding, easy to tin.
  2. The color is pure, no impurities.
  3. Running tin is fast and has less smoke.
  4. High insulation resistance, suitable for mobile phone PCB, CPU repair.
  5. It is the mixture of high-quality alloyed powder and resinic pasty flux, it can avoid the pale yellow residue.
  6. Help to repair the circuit boards and protect the electronic components.
  7. A necessary material for repairing the mobile phone motherboard.

Others Model:
  1. RL-420-UV: Normal type
  2. RL-421-OR: Strong activity type
  3. RL-422-IM: Halogen free type

Package includes:

  • 1pc x RL-421-OR Solder Paste

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