Reusable Washing Machine Lint Hair Catcher Lint Mesh Filter Bag



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Laundry Balls Washing Machine Floating Laundry Filter Bag for Lint Pet Hair Remover

High quality and ultra - fine filter mesh
Simple and practical for daily use
Easy to remove and collect hair, extra fiber, lines
Hair absorption into the net, and do not damage clothing
Absorb clothes in the hair crumbs, thread, debris to the net when wash in machine.
Bags can be placed in the washing powder, according to the speed of water dissolved, so the cleaning is more clean.
It's easy to clean and floats right on top of the clothes
Best for small portable washers and you are having problems with lint.
Fit who have fluffy pet like dogs or cats

Specification :
Material: Polyester + PE + EVA
Color: Blue, Pink
Size: 14 * 9.5 cm
Weight: 35g

Package includes:
1pcs x Filter Net Bag

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