RIGOL DP712 50V/3A/150W DC Power Supply Programmable Linear

Model: DP711 30V 5A


Rigol DP712 programmable linear DC power supply (single channel, 50 V/3 A), Rigol DP712 DC power supply 50V/3A, high performance DC power supply programmable linear DC power supply with power cable, spare fuse, quick guide and so on, Single output 50V/3A, total power up to 150W, has excellent load and line regulation rate, external trigger function supported, enabling synchronous output for multiple devices.

Rigol DP711 DP712 Programmable Linear DC Power Supply 50V 30V 3A 5A 150W

Official website: https://www.rigolna.com/products/dc-power-loads/dp700/

Two models:
DP711 30V 5A 150W 1 channel(s)
DP712 50V 3A 150W 1 channel(s)

RIGOL Single Channel DP711 DP712 High Precision Programmable Linear DC Power Supply 30V 5A

RIGOL's DP700 Series power supply is an affordable, programmable linear DC power supply for benchtop applications. With quality performance specifications, reliable output, and a small footprint, the DP700 Series provides incredible benchtop value. The DP700s also support options including timing output, trigger function, and high resolution.

Product Specification:
Front panel
3.5 inch TFT LCD
Function button
Output on/off key
Power on/off key
Number keys and return keys
Arrow keys and enter keys
Output terminal

Back panel
Output power requirement
AC power connector
RS232 interface
Voltage selector
Fuse specification
Fuse cap
Exhaust port
Equipment size: 140mm (W) × 202mm (H) × 332mm (D) net weight 6.9kg

DP700 series is a basic power product, which is designed for these high-reliability power users who have a lower cost and smaller size. It features low-temperature wave noise, fast transient response time, excellent power supply and load regulation and so on. And plus, DP700 series own powerful timing output and complete protection function

Single output, maximum output power 150W
Low ripple and noise: output noise and ripple
Input voltage: optional 220V/110V

Package includes:
  • 1pcs x DC Power Supply

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