Rigol DP832A Laboratory Programmable DC Power Supply - 3 Channels

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Rigol DP832 DP832A lab. DC power supply for cell phone repair 3 channels for phone repair, Rigol DP832 DP832A programmable linear DC regulator power supply, lab. general purpose tester for device or circuit characterization and troubleshooting. Built in V, A, W measurements and waveform display, support for output delay, analysis, monitor, and preset function, 3.5 inch TFT display.

Rigol DP832 DP832A Laboratory Programmable Liner DC Power Supply for Phone Repair Tool

Optional Types:
  • Option 1: DP832 - Popular
  • Option 2: DP832A - Professional 3 Channels Programmable Linear DC Power Supply

3 Channels RIGOL DP832 DP832A Programmable Linear DC Power Supply, Channel Isolation Built in V,A,W Measurements and Waveform Display

Typical Applications:
  • R&D Iab General purpose testing
  • Automotive electronic test
  • Quality Assessment inspection
  • Production testing
  • Bias power for RF/MW circuits
  • Device or circuit characterization and troubleshooting

Feature and Benifit:
  1. 3 Outputs, Max. Total Power up to 195W
  2. Low Ripple Noise: <350 uVrms/2mVpp
  3. Excellent Linear Regulation Rate and Load Regulation Rate
  4. Fast Transient Response Time: <50us
  5. Channel isolation: CH1 || CH2,CH3
  6. Standard OVP/OCP/OTP protection functions
  7. Standard Timing function
  8. Built in V, A, W measurements and waveform display
  9. Support Output Delay, Analysis, Monitor, Preset functions
  10. Independent control for each channel
  11. 3.5 inch TFT Display
  12. Connectivity: USB Host& Device, LAN(LXI Core Device 2011), RS232,Digital IO

Package includes:
  • 1pcs x RIGOL DC Power Supply

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