RL-870C Intelligent Phone Screen Film Cutting Machine For iPhone iPad



RL-870C intelligent phone cloud film cutting machine for iPhone iPad screen cutter, Relife intelligent cloud film cutting machine for complete phone screen protection film, Relife phone screen protection cutter hydrogel film plotter / matte filters cutting machine for iPhone Air Pods screen repair, RL-870C intelligent phone watch screen protector auto film cutting machine

Relife RL-870C Intelligent Mobile Phone Screen Protection Cutter Hydrogel Films Plotter / Matt Filters Cutting Machine For iPhone iPad Camera

Product Features :
  1. Cloud database / universal film / Bluetooth connection / intelligent precision cutting
  2. Suitable for all mobile phone front / rear film, watch, Air Pods, camera, iPad, etc
  3. APP smart operation / have a separate operating system, no need to connect to a computer
  4. Cloud database - live data, which means your system automatically update the software for new mobile model
  5. Full range of models, real-time update of data, complete and powerful mobile phone model
  6. Mobile phone Bluetooth APP data output
  7. App language : Russian / German / Italian / French / Polish / Simplified Chinese / English / Portuguese / Spanish Language can be switched at will

Suitable for mobile phone stores, accessory stores, repair shops, digital goods stores, mobile phone repair tool shops, personal entrepreneurship, etc.

Product Specification :
  • Brand: RELIFE
  • Product name: Intelligent cutting machine
  • Model: RL-870C
  • Product Size: 500*200*180mm
  • Package Size:580*310*265mm/Box
  • Cutting Accuracy: ± 0.1mm
  • Cutting Speed: 300-600mm/s (4 files)
  • Cutting Pressure: 30-90 Digital gear (5 files)
  • Date Transmission Method: Mobile phone Bluetooth APP data output
  • Working Temperature: -5℃ ~ +45℃

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