S-160 Soldering Platform Heat Insulation Silicone Pad With Screws Box



MJ S-160 Heat Insulation Silicone Pad with Screws Box Maintenance Platform, 45x30.0cm Mobile phones BGA Soldering Station Platform, Magnetic Heat Insulation Silicone Pad for phone BGA Soldering Repair Station

MJ S-160 heat-resistant maintenance rework platform for phone BGA soldering repair tool, 45*30CM multi-purpose silicone soldering repair pad, environmental-friendly silicone pad, anti-static insulation pad for phone motherboard soldering repair tool, suitable for the heat air gun BGA soldering station.

Product Features : 

  1. Size: 45*30CM
  1. Brand new and high quality heat insulation pad
  2. Resistance to high temperature of 500 °C
  3. Several hole location to set screws, IC chips and small parts
  4. Built-in scale ruler (0 ~ 20 cm )
  5. Make your phone repair work easy
  6. A good Maintenance Platform partner for hot air gun
  7. Heat-resistant insulation pad for BGA Soldering Station Repair, insulation pad insulator pad desk mat maintenance platform

This Patience high-temperature Pad can withstand 500 degrees temperature, prolonged use will not be deformed, not smoke, does not emit disgusting smell. Normal use of air gun temperature is generally 200 to 380 degrees, 500 degrees to really go on.

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