S1020 A11 CPU Chip Disassembly Tool for iPhone 8 X Logic Board Repair



S1020 CPU Chip Edge Cutting Glue Disassembly Tool Special Blade BGA Rework for iPhone X CPU A10 A11

  • A10 A11 BGA Chip CPU and PCB glue cleaning
  • iPhone 8 X logic board Teardown Graver Repair Tool
  • CPU Remove Teardown Gravers for iPhone A11
  • iPhone X motherboard middle layer pieces separated repair tool, used to repair iPhone 8 X logic board
  • Professional-grade Glue Cleaning Tool and A11 CPU / PCB separate layer Remove tool.

Package List:
#0 S1020 handle
#MCN-Z Knifes, remove iPhone NAND, CPU Baseband
#MCN-Y Knifes, iPhone X motherboard middle layer separated
#MCN-T, Rubber Shovel UV Glue Knife, Remove Glue on Marginal place
#MCN-V, separate rubber shovel Glue Knife
#MCN-W, Remove IC from logic board
#MCN-X, Remove A10 A11 CPU

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