S2 Durable Screwdriver Opening Tool for iPhone 7 8 Disassembly Repair

Size: 0.6mm(Y)


Multipurpose High Quality Durable Screwdriver Tool with Accurate S2 Screwdriver Tip for iPhone Cell Phone & Smartphone Disassembly Opening Repair Tool

  • Handle Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Screw Bits Material: S2 Steel
  • Box Material: Acrylic plastic
  • Box Size: 2.5 * 15.6 cm (W*L)
  • Box Color: Transparent

Screw Bit Optional Type
  • Option 1: Pentagonal 0.8 (☆)
  • Option 2: Pentagonal 1.2 (☆)
  • Option 3: Slotted 1.2 (-)
  • Option 4: Slotted 2.0 (-)
  • Option 5: Phillips 1.2 (+)
  • Option 6: Phillips 1.5 (+)
  • Option 7: Inner Hex 2.5(special for 6s)
  • Option 8: 2.5 (specific +) Pinhead Phillips
  • Option 9: Y 0.6 (Y)

  1. Brand NEW and high quality cross head screwdriver
  2. High precision screwdriver for iPhone logic board repair
  3. The handle comes with a spinning top which is labor-saving and convenient
  4. Magnetic bit is good for retrieving small screws

How to maintenance the screwdriver?
  • You should choose the appropriate screwdriver according to the width and slot of the screw.
  • Do not use the small screwdriver to screw the larger one. Phillips screwdriver is use for screws with a cross slot.
  • Don't pry open gaps or remove burrs and other metal objects by hammering the screwdriver's handle.
  • When the screwdriver was damaged or blunting. You should polish the screwdriver's tip. The grinding wheel should be used with water cooling when polishing.
  • The screwdrivers which can not be repaired must be scrapped, such as the tip serious damage or deform, the handle is cracked or damaged.

How to storage the screwdriver?
  - With the rotary screwdriver storage box, you can storage tools such as screwdrivers, knives, tweezers, small screws, etc.

Package List :
1 x S2 Screwdriver


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