SGS120-X iPhone PCB Desoldering Rework Station + Smoke Exhauster

Voltage: 110V
Size: SGS120-X with CPU stencil grooves


SGS120-X iphone Motherboard Soldering / Desoldering Station with smoke exhauster

Upgrade SGS120X iPhone PCB Desoldering Rework Station, master level iPhone Motherboard CPU Chip Remove Welding Tool, SGS120X A8 A9 A10 CPU Desoldering Platform, Don't need the hot Air Rework station, working on about 230℃.

Option : SGS120-X with CPU stencil grooves
SGS120-X with Soldering Iron

Input voltage: 110V / 220V ±10%50/60Hz

SGS120X ( the same function with PPD120 or PPD120E) iPhone PCB Desoldering Rework Station with smoke exhauster

SGS120-X Soldering Iron Station with smoke exhauster

Unsolder the A8 A9 A10 CPU from iphone motherboard, don't need the hot Air Rework station, working on 230℃, it is the Desoldering Rework Station tool for unsolder iphone A8 A9 A10 CPU.


Separate screen cover 180℃-220℃
CPU edge glue 180℃-220℃
Remove A8 A9 CPU 230℃-240℃
Desmearing 180℃-200℃
Reball BGA chip 180℃-200℃
Soldering A8 A9 CPU 190℃-210℃

Product features

1. Sensor closed loop, microcomputer zero trigger temperature control, LCD display, accurate and stable temperature
2. Clear and intuitive LCD display panel, operation is more convenient.
3. The heating body is made of imported heat-resistant material and advanced technology, with long service life.
4. The heating body is supplied with low voltage alternating current source, which ensures static electricity, no leakage and no interference.
5. The setting and control between 200~480℃ temperature is stable and accurate. Fast heating up.
6. The handle is very light, no fatigue with long time use.
7. The main power supply of heating body is completely isolated from the power grid.
8. The soldering iron part is connected with the temperature control stand by the aviation joint and the high temperature and anti static silicon rubber (silica gel) cable.
9. Points style design, easy to arrange.

Product parameters

Input voltage: 110V/220V AC + - 10% 50Hz
Output voltage: 24VAC
Power consumption: 90W
Temperature control category: 200℃ ~480℃
Setting mode: button adjustment
Temperature stability: +-1℃ (static)
Display mode: LCD
Maximum ambient temperature: 40 ℃
Temperature calibration method: analog calibration
Resistance to ground of welding Tsui: <2
Welding voltage to ground voltage: <5mV

Temperature setting

In the normal display state of Set/Real, press "*" to make "Set Temp" in the scintillation state, set the required temperature by triangle button, after setting up, "Set Temp" flicker several times automatically save and lock, then the triangle button can't be operated. If you need to change the temperature setting, repeat the above operation.

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